Why you need a business setup consultant in Dubai?

05 Nov 2020

Dubai is like that magnet city that attracts money, business and brains from all corners of the globe. Most of the businessmen dream of setting up their business or a branch in the city at some point in their lifetime.

If you are lucky to be at such point in your life and are considering setting up a business in Dubai, you must know that hiring a business setup consultant for the purpose will be the wisest decision you will make!

In the article here, we learn about some of the benefits of using the services of a business setup consultant in Dubai. 

Top 5 advantages of hiring a business setup consultant in Dubai

A business setup consultant will help you:

In taking care of legal matters of the business

A business setup takes a lot of legal work right from procuring the right kind of license to approvals from the concerned ministry to legal clearances and bank guarantees. Irrespective of whether you are from Dubai or not, getting all of this done while taking care of all the nuances of a new business can be a challenging task. This is exactly where a business setup consultant will help you.

Besides sorting the basic legal matters, a business setup consultant will also help you in the formulation of Article of Association and Memorandum of Association, two very important documents that need to be prepared in both Arabic and English as per the legal requirements in UAE.

Finding a suitable commercial space for office

Once everything is ready on paper, you will need an appropriate office space for execution of the work. The federal laws in Dubai have specific requirements for minimum dimensions of a commercial space. A business setup consultant does not just help you in finding a suitable commercial space for your office but also helps in finding one at very competitive rates. Besides they also make sure that all the paper work related to it is also done soundly.

Finding a genuine and a reliable sponsor

The federal law in Dubai makes it mandatory for a local Emirati to be the legal sponsor for the company. The legal sponsor is entitled to a share of 51% in the company while the business owner holds 49% share in the same company. This makes it extremely crucial for any business to have a genuine and a reliable sponsor. A business setup consultant will help you find such a sponsor with all the necessary background checks.

By offering right guidance and suggestions

Besides taking care of all the important factors mentioned above, a business setup consultant will also help you in taking some of the wisest decisions for your business. Most of the business setup consultants have years of experience and high professionalism that works phenomenally for a business in its initial stages. Having the consultants helps in taking care of any hiccups in the process of business setup.

Taking care of the paperwork

Just like the endless legalities, starting a business requires a lot of paper work. There are several ministries, departments and organisations that are involved in the purpose. It is important not just to be well-informed about these organisations but also to have an association with them that will help in getting the work done smoothly.

It is also worth mentioning here that hiring a business setup consultant is not very expensive. It will add very insignificantly to your expenses. But it is important to do your bit of research before you pin all your hopes on one.

When choosing on a firm or an individual offering such services, do a background check; learn more about their experience, previous projects and finally their charges. Compare these factors with the other possible options and decide on one that offers the best services at the most competitive prices.

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