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Auditing License In Dubai-UAE

Quickbiz Business Setup Services has been in the business setup and consultancy business for many years. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted firm to get an auditing license in Dubai, then you are at the right place. With our professional team and experience, we can help you from scratch to finish.

Market Opportunities:

If you are planning to start an accounting firm in Dubai, then this is the best time. There are many big events scheduled to happen in Dubai so with a well-settled business, you can get the customers from overseas. With proper marketing and promotions in big expos, you can promote your audit firm and can become an international brand.

But, to start the firm, an individual must require an auditing license in Dubai. Without the license, it’s not possible to start any business in the UAE. At Quickbiz Business Setup Services, we have helped many professionals in setting up their business legally in Dubai.

Why Start an Auditing Firm in Dubai?

The main reason to start auditing business in Dubai is the manpower. Dubai is at the centre point where people come from different countries to get the job so you can easily find out the best manpower here. UAE is always the best location for work as well as business. An auditing firm always requires experienced and knowledgeable people for the audit and accounting work. And Dubai is the place where the firm can get such kind of people easily. You can also hire fresh talent from here as the country consists of many high-level educational fields and universities.

Benefits of doing business in Dubai

  • No capital gain tax
  • The value-added tax is very less
  • No need to pay any kind of personal income tax
  • No corporate tax at all

With the help of the above benefits, and accounting firm can save a good amount of money and can use it to increase their business. And this is the main reason behind the quick growth of firms in Dubai. You can also use the saved money in other expenses of the company.

With the help of auditing license in Dubai, the particular firm is capable of providing auditing and accounting services to a different department. This is one of the best fields and it has the growth of around 25 per cent in the last decade. Help other businesses with your expertise and knowledge and make good relations with them, this is the best way to grow your firm and get the best business in Dubai.

How A Firm Can Get an Auditing License in Dubai?

Step 1:While applying for the license, you must have a clear idea about your business. The firm needs to specify the business whether it’s tax consultancy, auditing or accounting. This is required to get the correct license for your business.

Step 2: Once you finalize the activity of the business, the next step is to decide the company name. This will surely take some time if you are starting the business in the UAE. But an expert like Quickbiz Business Setup Services can help you to choose the best and effective name for the firm.

While choosing the firm name, you have to take care of many things. You can’t use any kind of offensive or blasphemous language. Also never copy the name of any big brands or organizations. The firm also needs to check whether the chosen name is available to register or not.

Step 3:Now this is one of the most important steps to consider. An individual can set up the firm in the mainland or in a UAE free zone. These both places have benefits as well as drawbacks.

Step 4:Once you have completed all the above steps, you are ready to give an application for an auditing license. To run your auditing or accounting business without any hassle, you have to apply for a professional service license. With such a license, you can trade as either auditor, accountant or tax consultant in Dubai.

Step 5:In this final step, you have to submit the license application directly to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or direct to one of the UAE’s many free zones. As a certified business consultant, Quickbiz Business Setup Services can help you hereby submitting all the documents and application on your behalf.

QuickBiz Expertise In Setting up an Auditing License In Dubai?

Business setup is not an easy task in Dubai. An individual has to take care of plenty of things while applying for business licenses and other registrations. If you are not aware of the UAE rules and regulations then it’s better to hire a professional business setup consultant like Quickbiz Business Setup Services for a quick and error-free solution.

We are aware of all the benefits and requirements of business setup in Dubai so no matter whether you are looking for an auditing firm licensing requirement or you require space to start your business, we can provide you with the best solution.

The quickest and simplest way to apply for an audit license in Dubai for your accounting firm is to contact Quickbiz Business Setup Services. With this, you can start your audit business without any hassle after approval of your license. Our professional staff will handle all the licensing and registration process so you can focus on your core business.

Need the best business setup solution in Dubai, UAE? Call us on +971 56 406 6546. You can also send us your requirement on We’re always happy to serve you with our unmatchable services and competitive packages.

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