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PRO Services

When it comes to companies in UAE, they need the services of a Government Liaison Officer, also known as a Public Relations Officer. PRO services in UAE refer to the professional document, paperwork, clearing services, company liquidation process, and relating to the processing of governmental documents. Public Relations Officer services also include the issuance of business, immigration formalities, licenses, passport clearance, and a lot more.

However, in Dubai, setting up a business includes numerous legal processes by the DED (Department of Economic Development), the Dubai Immigration, the Ministry of Labour, and other public departments. Public Relations Officer Services can easily come in handy if one is a newbie to the business setting in Dubai or doesn’t have a substantial practice in a business set up here.

Quickbiz Business Setup Services, being one of the best company consultants in UAE is also termed to be the most favored PRO service provider in the UAE. Quickbiz Business Setup Services includes a professional team of well-trained Public Relations Officers offering the finest PRO service carrying out all the public related work in an organized manner. Our Public Relations Officers team not only offers PRO services in Dubai, but we also offer PRO Services in other areas of Dubai, PRO Service in Ras Al Khaimah, PRO Service in Fujairah, PRO Services in Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain. However, we offer professional PRO services to established as well as new businesses in UAE and monitor entrepreneurs in Free zone, LLC, or aboard company setup.

PRO Services in Dubai

Quickbiz Business Setup Services PRO Services in Dubai incorporates and isn’t restricted to aiding the necessary desk work, accommodation of documents, taking approvals, topping off important forms, getting clearances from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Chamber of Commerce Dubai, Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Free Zone Authorities, and so forth.

Quickbiz Business Setup Services Business Consultants is the start to finish PRO services Dubai with specific administrations for record clearing, Residency Visa, application freedom administrations, and so forth With our Single-Window answer for your organization arrangement prerequisites in Dubai, you can flawlessly set up your organization in Dubai and keep it running proficiently by utilizing our PRO Services for all the regulatory necessities.

Company Management Services in Dubai

Setting up a company in Dubai, many aspects need to get into consideration. Quickbiz Business Setup Services offers valued company management services in Dubai to help in company setup and let you focus on expanding your business. We assist with managing employee-centred procedures like:

  • Employees records and document management
  • Employee recruitment
  • Leave management
  • Payroll management
  • Office administration

Company management is considered as crucial, each has to perform their role in a company. As there are shareholders, directors, officers, and managers who work together to make strategies, execute procedures, and hold good performance on the company.

Our team of professionals always ready to help you to fulfil the business objectives and will be able to have organized management and administration through our assistance.

Support for Company License and Renewal

Quickbiz Business Setup Services helps you with company license approvals that are required for company setup and other company document renewals in the UAE.

Trade Licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development Authority that is the legal permission to carry out in the UAE. To continue business operating, any types of licenses require annual renewal. We help you out with getting the required company licenses and renewals of any licenses.

Liquidation of Company

Liquidation of the company means the company, its assets, and it’s legal standing all to end and the company is completely de-registered officially. After the company liquidated, the company will cease doing business and stop employing people. In other words, a company’s business license is cancelled and the company name also removed from the Trade registry.

Why is the liquidation of the company required?

  • The company enable to pay Creditors
  • The company no longer owns assets
  • The company has no cash or liquidity for its own
  • The directors can decide to vote for liquidation at the board meeting legally.

There can be many reasons as to why the company chooses for company liquidation. If there are no debts to be paid to creditors, even though it is advisable to liquidate a company formally.

The first step to liquidate a company is to acquire the valid documentation that permits a liquidation. Later on, it is advisable to find a company that can assist with the complicated company liquidation process and makes it hassle-free for you. They handle all the legal practices related to the liquidation of your company.

There are a number of procedures to be done while liquidating a company. Quickbiz Business Setup Services handle all company liquidation procedures to keep you safe from penalties drawn by Government Authorities in the UAE.

We Assist Investors In The Following PRO Service Work:-
  • Recognizing the Position to establish Company
  • Business Formation
  • Yearly License Rejuvenation of Company
  • Movement adding & Withdrawing
  • License Alteration
  • Investors Visa
  • Employee & Partner Visa Cancellation
  • Labor Card (Renewal, New,& Amendment)
  • Car Registration
  • Employment Visa
  • Import Export Code
  • Details on Property Selling & Buying
  • Family Visa
  • Insurance for Health Cars / Offices, Life
  • P O Box Registration Renewals & New
  • Digital Signature attestation for Indian Clients
  • Emirates ID
  • Bank Related Help
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate
  • Liaison with Government Departments
  • Attestation of documents
  • Legal Translation
  • Driving License assistance
  • Power of Attorney Attestation Assistance
  • Professional License in Dubai
  • Branch office Dubai
  • Business Support Services Dubai
  • The general trading license in UAE
How Quickbiz Business Setup Services Will Assist You?

Our dedicated PRO Agents will guarantee you a problem-free finish of the apparent multitude of doled out errands. We will deal with all your regulatory and PRO related assignments while you center on center business and improve business productivity.

Our Dedicated PRO Agents Assure You:
  • Quick and Accountable Project Completion – Visa preparing, Document Clearing, Emirates ID handling, and so forth.
  • Timely updates on reestablishments, scratch-offs, structure entries, visa applications, and so on, of your organization.
  • Well educated on the most recent guidelines and standards in visa application, organization arrangement, free zone strategies, and so on.
  • Highest level of secrecy with the archives submitted and conveying it at your doorstep
  • And a lot more advantages to your organization.
What Are the Benefits of PRO Services?

Legal Requirement

Huge numbers of the undertakings under PRO administrations are legitimate necessities for all organizations and representatives in Dubai. Agreeing to these cycles on an ideal premise lessens the danger of superfluous fines or mishaps for a business.


Exercises related to PRO administrations burn-through generous time yet are in any case basis for any organization generally. Re-appropriating it permits an organization to zero in better on fortifying its center abilities while leaving the rest to qualified business experts.

What Makes Us So Different?

Our PRO administrations involve a wide cluster of expert help administrations interfacing with government services and offices, empowering you to easily meet your day by day operational customs, notwithstanding securing the necessary licenses and allow your business needs. We offer altered PRO types of assistance, with a devoted capacity customized to your particular business prerequisites, dealing with all administration related documentation leeway.

We at Quickbiz Business Setup Services have our group of specialists to assist business people with PRO administrations in Dubai and the remainder of the UAE. We have been in the business for many years. We have helped many to set up their business in UAE from scratch to finish.

Are you planning to start a business in Dubai? Do reach us, regardless of whether it’s only for friendly advice. For quick inquiry, call us on +971 56 406 6546, you can also email us your specific requirement on Our office address is 2501, Iris Bay Tower, Business Bay, Dubai – United Arab Emirates, so visit us at your convenient time, we’ll have a great discussion with a cup of coffee.

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