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Products Registration (Municipality)


Products Registration in Dubai – Municipality

Export-import is one of the major business operations conducted in Dubai. As a matter of fact, merchants have the ease to register their products and then start with their business operations. But it is easier said than done.

Product registration in Dubai is not just an important thing to do and mandatory for the merchants but also one of the gruesome tasks. The government has laid orders specifying that it is a must for traders to first register their products and then enter into any import or export operations.

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What is a Product Registration?

When importing products to Dubai or exporting them from Dubai to a different nation Product Registration in Dubai is an important part . It is considered necessary as it helps ensure customer safety. Given the above, Product Registration in Dubai allows the Consumer Products Safety Section to have sufficient information facilitating the assessment and evaluation of product safety. Moreover, the government also has laid rules stating that no one can sell, export, distribute, or manufacture products that haven’t been registered.

In Dubai the Product Registration is conducted by several entities. The Food Department or the Ministry of Health conducts that evaluation process to ensure that the food materials are all safe to consume. The sole intent behind the Dubai municipality Product Registration is to make sure that the product label has all of the information listed and consumers will get all by reading the same.

Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai is another category of product registration and clarifies that the cosmetics is free from harmful substances. It is done to make sure that on the application of the product, no harm is intended to the direct user. Product Registration in Dubai is conducted in a way that all of the data is integrated into a single system. Meaning that the government has easy access to the records and traders can further get detailed information about the products.

Why is it mandatory to do Product Registration in Dubai?

  • One of the reasons why the government of Dubai mandates having a process called product registration is to adhere to the safety norms of the customer. Also, it is done to restrict and limit the trading of fake or harmful products in the country. All of which is done for the good of the public
  • After products registered by the Dubai Municipality, it helps to speed up the process of accessing them. Also, the government has the provision to check whether a particular product has substances that might be harmful to the human body. The government is liable to restrict the sale and purchase of food items that might be harmful.

Types of Product Registration In Dubai

Cosmetic Products Registration

With Product Registration in Dubai, the Government aims at standardizing the sale, promotion, and manufacture of cosmetic products. It is released that all of the products be registered before they are released in the market. All traders and marketers must obtain a proper license in Dubai to initiate the sale of cosmetics products. The validity of the registration of cosmetic products in Dubai is 5 years.

Packaged Products Registration

Similar to cosmetic products, the government of Dubai mandates registration of all food items specifically the packaged ones. As an established market to import and re-export food items for foreign countries, Dubai takes extensive measures to assure quality products. The Dubai Municipality strives to validate the quality of food items and at the same time assure hassle-free procedures supporting food trade.

Health Supplement Products Registration

The third category of Product Registration in Dubai is related to health supplements. Since these are consumed directly by the users, it is important to ensure that they remain compliant with the specifications endorsed to avoid chances of shipment rejection.

How to do Product Registration in Dubai

The first step is to take all product information from the manufacturer of the product. Below are the list of the documents required for registering your product in Dubai Municipality:

  • Clear high resolution artwork of the product packaging is required
  • The package label must be visible clearly and the dimension should be large enough to display the product thoroughly.
  • The ingredient list with all details mentioned.
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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