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Find the best-of-breed local sponsorship in Dubai for your business

Dubai has been a favorite destination for entrepreneurs from across the world for the past few decades. The strong and steady economy is a major luring factor. If you’re also looking for an opportunity to earn a name and fame in Dubai’s local markets while owning a successful business then Quickbiz Business Setup Services is what you need.

Quickbiz Business Setup Services is one of the most trusted sponsorship companies in Dubai that are helping beginners to firm their feet in Dubai’s market. By accumulating the right business funds from the local sources, Quickbiz Business Setup Services will make the whole journey a lot more simplified and easy for you.

Why Would You Need Us?

Dubai is a hot business destination that welcomes everyone with open arms. However, there are certain implications for businesses coming from a foreign land. For instance, the non-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) national trying to make big in Dubai or UAE mainland by setting up a business or acquiring an industrial license then you must have a local sponsor.

As per the UAE law, the 51% share of any foreigner LLC should be owned by the local sponsors. Having a local sponsor streamlines the business process at multiple levels. For instance:

  • A budding business will have a better personal relationship with the local market and consumers
  • It reduces the license transaction time
  • There would be less and swift paperwork for the approval
  • A local sponsor in Dubai will help you have a better impression of the government

Though it’s an obligation for certain business types, it’s never easy for the one who is naïve about Dubai’s business market and procedures. Also, this section is not corruption-free.

You just can’t handover a 51% share of your business to anyone’s hands. Those hands should be of trusted ones. This is where Quickbiz Business Setup Services comes for your rescue.

We will help you find out the best local sponsorship UAE in the least possible hassle. With a seasoned team, Quickbiz Business Setup Services will understand your business needs and look-out the ideal local sponsored ship for your budding business.

Based upon your business requirements, we will bring the best-in-class local sponsored ship in UAE to your doorstep. Quickbiz Business Setup Services is what any upcoming business is required to have ultimate peace of mind during the process.

As soon as you will take us aboard, you will no longer have to spend your crucial time in finding and building rapport for your sponsor partners. We will find a premium nominee for your business.

We adhere to the industry’s quality standards and help you have 100% financial and operational control while protecting your shareholder rights.

Our offerings

Business needs are diverse and extensive so are our services. By offering a myriad of local sponsorship-related services in UAE, we try to reduce your burden up to a maximum extent.

Here is how we will help you to embark on a journey in the UAE and Dubai:

Individual Local Sponsorship in Dubai,UAE

Individual Local Sponsors have an outstanding reputation in the country and become potential investors for setting up your businesses. There are some vital benefits of having an individual local sponsor to set up a business.

  1. In Individual local sponsorship, an individual Emirati can sponsor your business and holding 51% shares of the company.
  2. It is not essential that individual sponsors need to have experienced while running a business in the same field. But he must be UAE citizens with the age above 21 years.
  3. An individual local sponsor can hand over the full power of attorney and full control of the business to the foreign investors. So foreign investors can perform day-to-day activities and pay annual fees for the business.
Dubai Local Service Agents

A few types of companies in Dubai do not require a local sponsor (Nominee Shareholder) or local partner and can hold 100% ownership of the company by the foreign investors. The professional company set up is the most common example of such establishment that can be a sole establishment and civil companies, branch office of the free zone or foreign company. But for such an establishment, it requires a local service agent (LSA) or a company agent (CA) in their area of knowledge.

The local agent is always UAE resident or 100% company owned by UAE nationals, who act as a local service agent with 0% sharing and will be paid annually for the services they render. A legal agreement will be signed to appoint a local service agent in Dubai with the annual sponsorship fees specification.

Advantages of Local Service Agent in Dubai

  • 100% ownership hold by the investors and the local service agent will have 0% company shares.
  • Does not interfere with day-to-day company activities and business operations.
  • Sponsorship fees are not much expensive

Depending on your business location, you will need a local service agent who will communicate with the government bodies on behalf of the company to make the business process easy from the government perspective including immigration, visas, labour, etc.

Quickbiz Business Setup Services team has effective sourcing of proficient and reliable local service agent or local sponsor in Dubai. Just get in touch with us!

Corporate Local Sponsorship in UAE

Corporate sponsorship offers the same benefits as individual sponsorship offers. But there are some additional benefits of corporate sponsorship for setting up your business.

  1. In the corporate sponsorship, the foreign investors have full control to run the business along with 100% financial benefits from the business. The corporate sponsor receives a payment or some profit share as decided.
  2. The corporate investors do not get involved in the day-to-day business activities so the business owner has full management control over staff, clients, and service offering.
  3. The corporate sponsorship process is more cleared and structured from start to end which provides more security and legal protection to the entrepreneurs. All legal agreements are done and terms are set from day one.
We have transparent business policies

Setting-up business in a foreign land is already a tedious job. We won’t make it a bit more complex for you by binding you to an intricate service contract. Our service terms are transparent and clear at every stage.

We are all ears to your queries and concerns. We have a dedicated team for this purpose. The team has a proactive approach and provides an instant and reliable solution.

Easy processing

For an outsider, understanding the legalities of the local sponsorship formalities would be a bit tough. No one, but the complexity of the procedure should be blamed for this. By hiring Quickbiz Business Setup Services, you can easily trim down all the complexities involved in the process.

All the documents and agreements that would be needed for the local sponsorship UAE formality are drafted by the first-tier legal counsel.

The dual quality check reduces the odds of errors. We armed you with every needed document and make sure that your business and financial rights are secured.

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