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Nominee Director Services


Nominee Director Services

Secure your organizational privacy and safety with Quickbiz Business Setup Services Nominee Director Services

We, at Quickbiz Business Setup Services, provide an entire range of Nominee Director Services for UAE as well as international companies. Our entire suite of nominee director services comprises the company’s secretary, shareholders, appointing nominee director, and managers. With us, you will never have to worry about who to appoint as your organization’s official person.

Who is a Nominee Director?

A nominee director is a person who has been appointed by original buyers/owners of the organization. The main aim here is to adhere to and fulfill the legal requirements of the company and also protect the identification of the same. The person who has been appointed as the nominee director is bestowed with the responsibility to secure the privacy of the organization and also act on behalf of the company’s beneficial owner.

When registering your offshore company in Dubai, a nominee director stands out as the best solution. He/she would represent the company in all formal proceedings. The nominee director also has the power to appear in all corporate meetings as and when needed. In short, the nominee director appointed has all the responsibilities and is liable to make decisions for the organization in the eyes of law.

What is Nominee Director Service?

To appoint the nominee director or the official person of your organization, we use a management tool called nominee service. For people who aren’t the local residents of UAE but wish to have a private company registered in the nation, the nominee service is the best bet. The person appointed would act as the local partner and will have the provision to act on behalf of the original owners of the organization.

Why would you need Nominee Director Services?

To have a local business partner in UAE, nominee services are the best solution. We at Quickbiz Business Setup Services have years of experience in helping business organizations find a suitable nominee director for your private company.

Throughout our tenure, we realized that having a nominee director is beneficial in multiple ways:

  • For some reason, if the company’s beneficial owner fails to travel to UAE, the nominee director can appear at the forefront to help with business decisions. Whether it is about signing documents or making important decisions, the nominee director will have total say over it.
  • A nominee director acts on behalf of the beneficiary owner and will be the local partner of the company.
  • The nominee director helps secure the real owner’s identity from the non-governmental entities.
  • If the law enforcers you to have a certain number of members, a nominee director is a must.
  • In case you wish to transfer your organizational assets, the nominee director would do the job for you.

Benefits of a Nominee Director in UAE:

Having a nominee director will help you run a private organization without any hassle.

  • Can represent the company in different government departments.
  • Easier to open a corporate bank account in Dubai.
  • Doesn’t have to worry about availing local assistance.
  • The power of attorney lies in the hand of the original owner.

How do we help?

Finding the best and the most appropriate nominee director for your company is important. Doing it manually would be tough as you aren’t aware of the local public. Quickbiz Business Setup Services is one of the leading organizations that have years of experience in providing Nominee Services UAE.

From consultation to support, our team will help at all stages of nominee services UAE.

Process Adopted To Find the Best Nominee Director

Brainstorming sessions

We begin our journey by understanding the end to end requirements of the business. We conduct several sessions to understand the type of business and the kind of nominee director you want.

Provide Suggestions

Based on the company portfolio and the requirements, we run through our database to find a suitable candidate. The best ones are shortlisted and presented to the company owner to share views.

Interviewing the right candidate

Based on the final list of professional directors, we then conduct interviews to see which one fits the map well. The candidate is given an overview of the organization to help them understand better.


The last step is to appoint the professional director. Working in tandem with the owner of the company, the right person is appointed as the nominee director for the company.

Hire us to help you hire the right nominee director for your organization

We at Quickbiz Business Setup Services are the one-stop-shop solution for your business needs. With a proven record of providing exceptional nominee services UAE, we have a name in the industry. We are passionate about growth and success and so do all to help you embark on the journey of endless expansion.

Get in touch with us to know more about the nominee services UAE and find one for your company in Dubai.

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