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KHDA Approval (Knowledge and Human development authority)


KHDA Approval (Knowledge and Human development authority)

Looking to set up an educational business in Dubai? Do you know that it is mandatory to have KHDA approval in Dubai?

Quickbiz Business Setup Services is one organization that helps you kickstart your educational business in Dubai with ease. Establish your educational company after attaining KHDA approval. Get in touch with us and be rest assured that your work would be done.

Why Do you Need KHDA Approval for Dubai?

With education being important more than ever, the Dubai government has laid out certain rules and policies. Entrepreneurs or business leaders that seek to launch their startup in the educational industry and UAE must comply with the same.

KHDA stands for Knowledge and Human Development in Dubai. The policy is laid by the Dubai government authority and the sole purpose behind the release of such a policy is to ensure that quality education is imparted to all of the students across the nation. Also, irrespective of what type of educational institution it is, they must abide by the rules of the KHDA and obtain approval to run their business without any hassle in Dubai.

With Quickbiz Business Setup Services, you will have assistance and support from the best people in the industry. Our team will help you get the KHDA approval in Dubai for your educational business.

Prerequisites for attaining KHDA approval

Before you set out to apply for the KHDA approval, you must keep in mind a few things or keep tabs on the important steps.

Business Identity

The Dubai government has a clause in the KHDA that requires the entrepreneurs to have a minimum of three names for their business. As part of the business identity, you must have a name for the same. Also, the selected names must be rich in SEO capabilities which make it efficient to stand out from others in the industry.

In case you aren’t sure what name would suit best your idea, our consultation team is all ears. With some of the best minds in the industry, we have helped multiple idea-laden companies come up with the best names. Brainstorming sessions are held to come up with business names so that you can get preliminary approval for your business.

Documents and materials

Upon deciding a few names for your business, the next thing to do is to gather all of the documents required for the application process. Knowing what to submit and how is one thing and to ensure that you have all of the documents is another. We have a separate team of experts that work in tandem with the entrepreneurs to help them find and gather the documents necessary for the KHDA approval.

Business Registration

Post gathering documents and establishing a business identity, our team will assist you and guide you through the phases of business registration. This is a crucial step and here you need to mention each and every detail about the business. A piece of information missed or misinterpreted would lead to termination of the partial approval received. Keeping this in mind, our team will help outline what’s important and how you must present it. The application is given through their website which is then up for evaluation.

Document Management

It is important to ensure a coalition of all of the business materials. Especially when you are in the early stages of the business set up, it is important to have all of the documents properly managed and stored. Dpjmg all of this manually would be tough and hence the need to have expert support. Our team at Quickbiz Business Setup Services will help you effectively document papers and manage them with ease. We will stick with your requirements until and unless you get the KHDA approval for Dubai.

Help you set up a brand

Lastly, you must have a brand setup for your business. A brand name is a must even after you have obtained the KHDA approval. This is because the leaders are concerned about how will you spread the word about your business in the industry. We have equipped our staff with branding experts who are well versed in the idea of marketing and branding educational business. The government in Dubai is particular about their education standards and also how they are promoted, hence you must have an expert team alongside to help you make the most out of your educational business.

Why choose us?

  • We are a team of skilled professionals passionate about helping organizations set their educational business.
  • A 24/7 customer support team to cater to your needs and requirements.
  • All-around services starting with consultation, implementation, and support.

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