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Dubai is by large the biggest investment hub. When it comes to properties, Dubai houses some of the most elegant apartments, designer villas, huge bungalows, and other commercial buildings. This is something that has garnered the attention of the investors contributing to the economy of the nation.

If you are looking for properties in Dubai, you might feel the need to obtain a property visa Dubai and this is where Quickbiz Business Setup Services comes into play. Property visa Dubai is an important thing to ponder upon as the government recently laid out amendments for the same.

Don’t worry about what to do and how it all. We at Quickbiz Business Setup Services have a team of real estate agents that work closely with investors to help them obtain property visa UAE.

What is a Property Visa in Dubai?

For people who are interested in buying properties in Dubai, the government has a policy of providing them with a property visa. The government has introduced the policy long before and even rolls out new updates for the same. This helps enhance the possibility of retaining the confidence of the investors while boosting foreign direct investment.

Concerning property visas in the UAE, there are different policies issued by the government.

The 6-month multi-entry visa

The six-month multi-entry visa is one similar to that of a tourist visa. Travelers applying for the same will have the ease to visit Dubai multiple times within six months. To avail of the visa, it is a must that the property is valued at or over AED 1 million. Additionally, it can be located in any of the 7 emirates and has been issued by the immigration authority, instead of the Dubai Land Department.

The 3-year residence visa

The 3- year residence visa is specifically issued by the Dubai Land Department. The visa is apt for buyers investing in properties of worry AED 1 million or more. Besides offering the ease to buy properties, the buyer has additional perks of becoming a UAE resident while obtaining the benefits that come along with it. From family sponsorship to getting a driver’s license and likes of Emirates ID, the visa encompasses all.

The Property visa Dubai cost changes but very infrequently. Currently, a 3-year residence visa is within the range of AED DH13, 000 to -AED DH15, 000. As the name suggests, the tenure of the visa is 3 years. An important thing to note here is that having the visa limits your stay outside the country for six months on a streak.

The 5-year long-term residence visa

For buyers looking to invest in something huge, the Dubai government has the provision of providing its users a 5-year long-term residence visa. To be eligible to opt for the 5-year long term residence plan, the property must be worth AED 5 million or more.

Sounds good but that’s not all. The government has added certain limitations or restrictions to prevent everyone from getting the visa. To begin with, one cannot buy a property with a mortgage. In other words, the property should not be bought on loan or through some kind of finance. In addition to the above, the investment made in the property must be retained for a minimum of three years.

On the plus side, once you have the 5-year residence visa, you have the opportunity to sponsor your dependents and your family.

The 10-year long-term residence visa

Lastly, the 10-year long term residence visa in Dubai is for the buyers who plan to invest a minimum of 10 million AED. Only then a buyer is eligible for a 10-year residence visa. Here again, the buyer has to provide sufficient proof stating that the amount paid for the property isn’t loaned or financed. Note that one needs to retain the investment for a minimum of 3 years.

For investors applying for the 10-year visa, they can add an executive director along with an advisor to be part of the visa besides having the dependents and family members. An added advantage of the 10-year visa is the flexibility to add business partners.

Availing a property visa in Dubai is not easy. If you aren’t aware of limitations, and the conditions, you might end up getting rejected.

What should you do?

Well, look no more as Quickbiz Business Setup Services is here to help you get the desired visa for Dubai. We have a team of experts that work in tandem with the buyer to understand their needs and help them get the most out of the engagement.

Our team will help you and assist you throughout the process, ensuring that all your documents are correct and as per the requirements. Get in touch with us and our team will do all that’s needed to get you the desired property visa in Dubai.

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