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There are multiple benefits of having business trademark registration and every business needs to have a trademark for their business. It is essential to have a trademark as it brings your employees, customers, and business fringe together to make the way for success! Your company’s trademark gives your business more recognition and enriches your customer base. The trademark is the most valuable advantage that your business can have and it is a vital facet to increase brand reputation.

When you have a trademark for your company, it becomes a brand name for the business. People will search on the internet with the name! This makes your brand more popular on the internet and brings you more customers for sure.
First of all, you need to apply for trademark registration so that it is legally yours. After your trade name is registered, it will not be available for anyone to register.
If you are running a business in the UAE, it is necessary to apply for a patent for your company trademark. You can file a copyright for any content or trademark for the company name, product, or service.
It is advisable to go through a patent attorney for the trademark  application through a specialist consultant for the trademark registration. QuickBiz Business Setup Services has expert alliances with the concerned specialists for any kind of trademark registration procedures. We assist with trademark registration and undertake the process on your behalf, making it cost-effective and hassle-free for you.

Trademark Registration Authority in the UAE

  • The trademark office – Ministry of Economy is the authority in charge of any trademark registration in the UAE.
  • The IPR (Intellectual Property rights) Department- DED (Department of Economic Development)
  • The ECD (Economic Crimes Department) – CID (Criminal Investigation Department)
  • Ministry of Justice & Customs Department

Requirement for Trademark Registration in Dubai-UAE

Below is some documents to be provided before registering a trademark.

  • Nationality, name, and address of the trademark owner
  • The trademark type according to the nature of business
  • A Visual presentation of the mark
  • Meaning or significance of the mark if the mark is not in Arabic
  • A power of attorney from the holder as well as notarization if required

Trademark registration in the UAE might be a tedious job without any help. Our expert team of Quickbiz Business Setup Services can help with hassle-free trademark registration. Speak to us today!

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