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Tourism Company Setup in Dubai-UAE


Tourism Company Setup In Dubai

No doubt that most of the tourists visit this place for entertainment only but other tourism fields like medical tourism and Halal tourism are also growing at a rapid speed. Many people visit Dubai for jobs as well as businesses. As per the Dubai government, to set up any type of business, you must require a government-approved license. So for a tourism company, an individual must need to apply for a tourism company license in Dubai.


The government of Dubai has provided different types of activities a travel agency can provide to its customers. They are as follows:

As per the Dubai Government travel agency can offer different types of services such as,

  • Plane tickets selling
  • Issue travel insurance
  • Display and offer different tourist packages online
  • Provide additional support in visa insurance
  • Do online and offline marketing of tourist packages
  • Provide services of accommodation and can take bookings online


At Quickbiz Business Setup Services, we have helped hundreds of businesses to get authentic licences to start their business in the UAE. Here we have given the travel and tourism license procedure and cost. It looks simple but an individual has to pass through many document submission processes at different governmental departments.

Step 1: Choose The Most Suitable Travel Agency License In Dubai As Per Your Business Requirement

Before applying for the tourism license in Dubai, you must have the knowledge of the different types of travel agency licenses issued by the Government. Actually, there are three types of license from which you can choose according to your business.

  • Inbound Tour Operator: Such a firm is allowed to organize local incentive tours or arrange a complete tour for foreigners who want to attend any conferences or events in the UAE. With inbound tour operator license, the firm can handle visa, transport, and residency.
  • Outbound Tour Operator: Some agencies arrange and sell different types of tourist programs in different countries with the help of travelers and tourism agents. Outbound tour operator license is specifically arranged for such kinds of firms.
  • Travel Agent: If an individual wants to sell air tickets on behalf of other authorized agents, then he/she has to apply for a travel agent license. With such kind of license, an individual can provide seat reservation services, issue tickets in co-ordination with the agent and can also do hotel booking. The firm can also provide car rental booking services.

2. List of Documents to Get Tourism License in Dubai

After deciding the type of license you want to opt for, the next ideal step is to gather the documents required to get the license. They can be emulated as under:

Once you are done with the license selection, then make a list of required documents. Here we have given detailed information about the documents:

  • Application form with all the information about business and owner
  • Applicant’s passport copy
  • Different types of certificates such as professional qualification certificate & manager’s work experience certificate
  • An authentic certificate that should describe the clean criminal record of the owner
  • Project’s economic and technical feasibility study report
  • Take a NOC (No Objection Letter) from the Civil Aviation Authority

3. Important Terms To Consider For Error-Free Documentation & Application

Proper submission of documents is not the only thing but an individual has to follow a few terms decided by the government of Dubai. Here are the conditions:

  • As per the Government of Dubai, if you are setting up an LLC then 51% shares of the company is owned by the local partner while the remaining 49% shares will be of the foreign citizen. And a tourism company must be established as an LLC.
  • The firm must have a manager with at least 3 years of experience if he/she consists of the certificate in travel and tourism or holds a bachelor degree. But in case of the manager’s secondary certificate 5 years experience is required.
  • If you are planning to register as a travel agent, then you have to provide an add-on document. It provides confirmation from the Civil Aviation of the Emirate.

4. Gather All the Document and Submit to Applicable Department

With the help of the above information, you can fulfill the half requirement. Now here are the few steps to fill the documents to get a tourism license in Dubai.

  • Visit the Tas’heel Centre and provide the name of the company to the DED counter
  • To establish a company from the same department, you have to get the initial approval. You can visit the typing centre of your choice to fill the form. Take the signature of all your partners and submit the final copy of the form to the DED.
  • Once you get the initial approval, DED will provide you with another form of the site inspection. Read the form carefully and fill all the required fields with real office details. You have to attach the location map with it. Submit this form at the DED with all the required documents. The location will be inspected by the officer before the final approval.
  • Visit a legal translator for typing of LLC agreement (MoA). Get attested it from Notary Public. The legal translator’s seal is not mandatory for the Arabic agreement.
  • Visit the Notary office with all your partners to sign the Court Agreement.
  • Ready a complete tenancy contract.
  • Now in the final step, you just need to make payment at the counter by submitting all the documents, and you will get the license.

After getting the license, you have to do registration at Dubai Chamber. Here you will get a form, fill all the required fields, ask an authorised person to sign on it and put a company stamp. Once you are done with all this process, submit the form at Dubai Chamber counter. You will get the certificate at the same time. To expand the business in various other Emirates, you must require the Dubai Chamber certificate having registration with different government departments. Please note that the travel agency license is only valid for one year. You have to renew it every year.


QuickBiz Business Setup Services Expertise:

For a businessman, it’s really difficult to follow the above steps. It’s a time-consuming process. So why waste your valuable time on it? Contact Quickbiz Business Setup Services, our professionals will handle all the registration process on your behalf so you can focus on your core business.

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