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A Guide To Estidama License For Startups in Dubai

26 May 2021

When it comes to developing environment-friendly initiatives or adopting new technologies, the United Arab Emirates has been a groundbreaker. 


One of the greatest examples is the Estidama program. The Urban Planning Council (UPC) of Abu Dhabi launched Estidama, a first-of-its-kind initiative suited for Middle Eastern countries, in 2011. The Arabic term Estidama means "sustainability." Abu Dhabi's Plan 2030 offers a clear vision for sustainability as the cornerstone of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi's expansion.


Since then, the Estidama program has become mandatory in Abu Dhabi, and the Pearl Rating System is used by the Estidama program to grade projects and new office buildings, with the goal of addressing the sustainability of a specific growth throughout its existence, from design through building and operation. This means all buildings must have a least of 1 Peal rating, with government-funded structures receiving a minimum of 2 Pearl rating. 

What Exactly Estidama License in Dubai Is?

Estidama License is the cheapest way to get a DED-approved rental or leasing agreement for your trade license. With the DED's Estidama/ Sustainability license, renting office space on the Dubai mainland has become more reasonable for businesses. The Sustainability License permits startups to rent coworking space in Dubai's business hubs, eliminating the need for them to spend money on large corporate campuses.

What Are The General Benefits of the Estidama License in Dubai?

Estidama focuses on the advancement of urban infrastructure development and it aims to:


  • Reduce your reliance on natural resources.
  • Ensure a higher standard of living
  • Reduce your energy and water use
  • Ensures positive influence on the environment

Will Estidama Be Beneficial To Startups?

A coworking space with a sustainability license has all of the conveniences, which helps startup professionals be more productive. The following functionalities are included in a shared workspace:


  • Clients will have simple access to this prime location in Dubai.
  • Area of Common Reception
  • Meeting Rooms in the Modern Era
  • WiFi and telecommunications network with high speeds
  • Surveillance and security systems equipped office premises
  • Fully furnished offices spaces
  • Affordable and flexible Structure of rental payments

How to Register Your Estidama license in Dubai?

To register their coworking space at a business center that complies with DED guidelines, startups and entrepreneurs in Dubai must follow the procedures below:


  • Look for a certified business sustainability center in business centers in Dubai
  • Book a coworking space at the business center according to your needs
  • Collect the business center’s internal agreement and tenancy contract
  • Submit all documentation to the DED together with the first approval of the trade license
  • Obtain a copy of the final trade license

Is Estidama License Costly?

The cost of establishing a sustainable office space varies based on the requirements and extra facilities. The cost is also determined by the sustainability center's location. The pricing of office space in a premium area such as Business Bay, for example, might differ from other places. Startups looking for office space under the Dubai mainland license with Estidama can negotiate the best deals from notable business locations in Dubai.  


You get all of the benefits of a full-time workplace while only paying for the workstations you use. Choose your own permanent desk or use a hot-desking configuration to sit anywhere you choose each day, on a first-come, first-served basis. 

How QuickBiz Can Help?

Quickbiz is one of the renowned business centers in the UAE that provides workplace solutions and prioritize ergonomic and collaborative support while adhering to international environmental standards. You'll need a registered office to start a business in mainland Dubai, and we'll take care of delivering you fully furnished, ready-to-occupy registered business offices. 


We also provide a common conference place, efficient technology, close food alternatives, better safety measures, vegetation in the surrounding region, and a multi-use lounge area to the entrepreneurs. In a quickly changing business climate, QuickBiz’s contemporary office spaces in Dubai are a wonderful way to save money, boost growth, boost innovation, and promote success. Contact us on +971 56 406 6546 to buy/rent business centers/Flexi desks serviced office, onshore office, or a free zone office in the UAE and we would be happy to assist you.

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